St. John’s wort – oil

Ingredients (INCI): Heliantus Annuus Seed Oil, Hypericum Perforatum Oil


Use: Helps prevent the appearance of dry and damaged skin. Apply the oil in a thin layer on the skin.

Note: Contains hypericin which can cause skin sensitivity. If you use this oil, do not expose yourself to the sun and do not go to the solarium.

People allergic to any of the listed ingredients should not use this oil.


    St. John’s wort is highly valued among the people. It is one of the few drugs that have antibacterial, antiviral and antimycotic (antifungal) effects. St. John’s wort oil is rich in hypericin, tannins and flavonoids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect and help epithelize the skin. It has been known since ancient times as an oil that is applied to all wounds and helps with first-degree burns, inflammation of the ovaries, vaginal infections (fungal and viral infections, including HPV, herpes, and even HIV), hemorrhoids, varicose veins, ulcers, scars, stretch marks and acne, sciatica, rheumatism, neuralgia, myalgia, lumbago and gout, and inflammation of muscles and nerves. St. John’s wort oil is excellent for preventing wounds in bedridden patients. It can also be used by pregnant women against stretch marks and for perineal massage. It is important to note that St. John’s wort oil is an excellent remedy for various female problems such as cysts, inflammation of the ovaries and fungi. In the case of surgical treatment of breast cancer, as well as wound treatment after surgery, some doctors recommend the use of oil in the wound healing process. The reason for such a practice is the knowledge about the anti-cancer effect of flavonoids (hyperin, quercetin and rutin) – important ingredients of St. John’s wort oil. For hemorrhoids, ulcers, varicose veins, herpes, acne, scars, irritations and burns, it is recommended to apply oil several times a day. St. John’s wort oil is an excellent choice for massage due to its favorable effect on circulation. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and additives.


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